belliniAs President of the Italian Bowling Federation, it is my pleasure to invite you all to Bologna-Italy in occasion of the 2016 Mediterranean Challenge Cup.

The privilege of hosting Championship which will be held from 11  to 17 April, 2016.

Newsletters/Bulletins will be issued on a regular basis informing you on the progress of the event.

Looking forward to welcoming you we will do the utmost to ensure you a pleasant and memorable stay in Bologna.

Best regards

Sergio Bellini President

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Mediterranean countries share a lot of history, traditions and culture and a sport event is always an opportunity to enforce good relations.

For this reason, Roni Ashkenazi from Israel, Roger Cristofidis from Cyprus, Niko Papadimitriou from Greece, and Julian Pace Bonello from Malta came up with the idea of uniting all Mediterranean federations in one Bowling event.



The first edition of the Mediterranean Challenge Cup took place in 1998 and was hosted by Cyprus. Four federations participated: Israel, Cyprus, Malta and Greece.

The following year the event took place in Malta and Turkey competed as well whereas in 2000 the event took place in Greece and Spain joined the list of participants which amounted to 6 federations. Year after year the number of federations participating in the Mediterranean Challenge Cup grew.

MCC Committee

During the 2010 edition of the Mediterranean Challenge Cup in Cyprus the decision to form an MCC Committee with the intention to formalise many aspects of the event is taken.

The members appointed in the Committee are Roni Ashkenazi from Israel, Marios Nicolaides from Cyprus and Alex Tzounis from Greece. The goals of the Committee are to lay down the bases for a set of MCC rules, set up a technical committee, make an official website for the MCC and establish Mediterranean Games for the Youth.

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